I am a photographer and music artist currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee. I began my journey in photography as a way to handle content creation for my music, but it grew into more of a passion than I had originally planned. 

I am the photographer for Beve Boutiques, the shopping tour experience in Nashville, Tennessee. Though my heart is in life and street photography, I also have experience shooting maternity, work outings, product, real estate, engagement and more-simply glad to do it all. 


You can also contact me via email at or via my Instagram as linked in the header. Here we can discuss cost of any desired project or a shoot.

Gear I Use

Sony A7 IV

My go-to hybrid camera for photo and video. Suits all my needs and then some. 

Ricoh GR3X

The adage is, "the best camera is the one you have on you", and this 24MP beast is my everyday carry. 

DGI Mavic 3 Classic

My drone of choice for those out-of-reach shots.

Pentax ME SUPER | 35MM 

Allow me to offend the hipsters; I don't really use this camera. Film is expensive, and I'm all in on the modern method.

Sony f2.8 16-35 G Master II

One of my favorite lenses. Versatile and sharp. As wide as I'll ever need.

Sony f2.8 24-70 G Master II

Possibly my favorite all around lens, ever. Focal range makes it a jack of all trades.

Sony f1.4 35mm G Master

Solid prime! For street and contextual portraits.

Sigma f1.4 85mm ART

Ideal for portraits but I often use this focal length for street photography as well. 

DJI Osmo Action 4

The camera I use for POV Youtube videos.

Polar Pro 2-5 Stop Mist 2

Filter I use for just about all my Youtube content. Smoothes out some unwanted details and keeps me at 50FPS.

M1 Mac Mini 2020

This now four year old Mac Mini gets the job done for all my photo and video edits.

Sony WX-100m5

These ear cans have trained my stupid brain to focus when I do a long photo editing session. 

Peak Design 20L Everyday Backpack

Sleek, minimal camera bag though I find myself jealous of even cheaper camera bags out there.

Peak Design Aluminum Tripod

Do I wish It were the lighter, carbon fiber version? Yes. Will I ever spend that much on a tripod? Hell no. Nevertheless, is an amazing tripod.

DJI Mic 2

The tiniest mic bundle I could find on the market. Great for Youtube, Vlog and Interview videos. 

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